Your kids will love making this easy Toy Story 4 Forky Pumpkin craft for Halloween.


- Craft Pumpkin   - White Spray Paint or White Acrylic Paint   - Wiggle Eye   - Red Modeling Clay   - Blue Modeling Clay   - Red Pipe cleaners

Spray paint pumpkin with 2 coats of white paint. Allow each coat to dry. Glue large eye on Forky's right side (your left). Glue smaller eye on the opposite side.

To make Forky's eyebrow, take a piece of red modeling clay and roll out about 3 inches long. Glue to top of his forehead.

Do the same with the blue modeling clay except connecting the ends together to make his smile. Glue to the pumpkin.

Take two red pipe cleaners. Twist to make his hands. Glue on each side of the pumpkin. Say hello to your Forky Pumpkin!

This Forky Pumpkin is so easy to create. Your kids will love it!

Have a Magical Day!