10 Fall Garden Clean-Up Tips

Happy fall y’all. Whether you like it or not, it’s time to put our gardens to bed. Follow these 10 Fall Garden Clean-Up Tips for how to get your gardens ready for winter.

Rake the leaves of your lawn

This will allow your lawn to breathe by not being weighed down by heavy, wet leaves.

Fertilize lawn

It’s a great way to recharge your lawn after a long summer.

Weed the garden

Weeding is my least favorite gardening chore but it must be done, even in the fall.

Clean Out Garden & Beds 

Pull out annuals and any non-perennial plants in your vegetable garden and flower beds.

Plant spring bulbs & winter pansies

 Fall is the time when spring bulbs need to be planted. I love the first flowers of spring.

Reseed Lawn If Necessary

It’s important to reseed earlier in the fall so their grass seed can take hold and establish itself before winter.

I hope these 10 Fall Garden Clean-up tips will help you along the way. Giving your gardens a little TLC now will help them thrive come spring and summer, so dig in and get dirty!