10 Ways

To Get Your Gardens Ready For Spring

Spring is almost here.  It’s time to dust off those gardening gloves and tools!   Check out these 10 Ways To Get Your Gardens Ready For Spring!

I am sure most of us are excited that spring is right around the corner.  This means that longer days, warmer days and pretty flowers will be greeting us each day.

Before you venture out into your yard this season, here are 10 Ways To Get Your Gardens Ready For Spring!

Think about what you want to plant and where you want to plant it.

Plan out your vegetable garden and flower garden/s.

Our aviary friends like a fresh start in the spring too. Don’t forget to refill the bird feeders.

Clean out your bird feeders , bird houses and bird baths

Start your seeds indoors

Make sure you place your seed flats near a sunny window.


Rake out all your flower beds and garden. Be sure to remove all debris.

Apply Preen

Start weeding your gardens. Apply Preen to deter weeds from growing.

Even though the winter has been pretty mild here in New Jersey, I am so ready for a nice dose of vitamin D shining down on my face.  Spring also means that pretty soon, gardening season will be in full force. Yes, friends, it’s time to get those gardening gloves ready.

Have a Magical Day!