Heart Sugar Cookies

Take your favorite conversation hearts Valentine candy and turn them into these fun Conversation Heart Sugar Cookies. 

I love sugar cookies! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and heart shaped sugar cookies are in order to celebrate. This heart sugar cookies recipe remind me of my childhood.


Sugar Cookie Ingredients > unsalted butter softened > sugar > vanilla extract > large egg > all-purpose flour > salt Royal Icing Ingredients > confectioners' sugar, sifted > meringue powder > water > Gel food coloring

Slide the spoon down the center of the bowl, touching the bottom. Count how long it takes the line to disappear from the icing. You want it to take 13-15 seconds.

How To test your royal icing

Using a tall cup, place the piping bag inside of the cup, making sure you flatten the tip of the bag downward on the cup.  Scoop or pour the icing into the bag making sure not to get icing on the overhang of the piping bag on the outside of the cup.

How to easily and quickly fill your piping bags

Color royal icing as many colors as you would like, we chose pink, orange, green, blue, and yellow. Remember to lighten up the color to a pastel, you will need to add white gel food coloring.

Conversation Heart Sugar Cookies Decorating Tips

Fill each of the piping bags with their respective colors and seal off the open end.

Cut the tip slightly and test how the icing flows out the bag. Remember to cut a small hole in the tip first, then gradually make it larger. If you cut too much off at once, you will have to create a new bag.

Once you have a flow of icing that does not hurt your hands and is easily managed, outline the cookie with icing.

Conversation Heart Cookies are a fun take on the famous heart-shaped Valentine’s Day candies.  This easy sugar cookie recipe is also a great way to get kids involved in the kitchen.

Have a Magical Day!