8 Popular Flowers

for  Your Flower Garden

Get your gardens growing. Celebrate spring with these helpful gardening tips.  Here is the Ultimate List of Popular Flowers for your Flower Garden.


Vinca is one of the hardiest flowers around. This colorful annual grows just like Impatiens BUT can tolerate the hot sun and drier soil.


This is a no-kill flower that you can plant in your flower garden. Sunflowers are pretty easy to plant, grow and maintain.


This flower comes in just about any color possible, except blue. I love that zinnias can take the form to look so different. Some may look like pom poms, daisies or even dahlias.


This beautiful flower will bring bright shades of yellow, red and gold to your flower garden. While you can find short versions of marigolds.


Impatiens are bright and cheery annuals that grow well in a shady area.  You should plant impatiens in the warmer weather.


These beautiful flowers do well in the spring and fall season. I personally love that snapdragons attract butterflies to your flower garden.

Have a Magical Day!

Adding a flower garden to your outdoor landscaping is the perfect way to make your home feel more welcoming and look appealing from the curb.