Winter Sign


Make a decorative piece to hang in your home with this winter craft idea. Make a DIY Farmhouse Winter Door Hanging Sign that will add a special touch to any room in the home.


> Wood round 18” wood round found at home depot. > Wood Stain Can also use paint or any of color stain. > Mod Podge Polyurethane can also be used


Craft Steps 1. Stain Wood

a. Start off by staining the wood found first with a sponge brush in a well ventilated area so it has time to dry. b. If you would rather paint the wood, follow the same steps below expect paint as normal. Do not wipe any paint off. I would use your choice of chalk paint as it holds vinyl best.


2. Mod Podge

a. Apply a very thin layer of your sealant or mod podge with a sponge brush. Be sure that each stroke goes in the same direction each time and it’s a smooth, thin even layer. b. This not only seals the stained wood from leaving any transfer or residue but gives the wood some grit and texture for the vinyl to adhere.


3. Vinyl

a. See design space screenshots i. Load SVG file in design space ii. Adjust SVG size based in wood round size. 1. Be sure to leave enough space for decorative finishes at the top of wood round iii. Hit make it button iv. Apply vinyl to cutting mat v. Load mat into machine

This Cricut craft is a great project to make. It can be left up long after Christmas is over.

Have a Magical Day!