Hot Cocoa

In A Jar Gift Idea

Hot Cocoa In A Jar is a perfect warm-up gift to make this holiday season. This mason jar gift is easy to create and delicious to drink.


– sugar – unsweetened cocoa – powdered milk – miniature marshmallows – chocolate chips – white chocolate chips – mason jar


Step 1

Now, don’t worry about being “craft-challenged for this project. It really is simple.  Begin by wrapping a piece of burlap around the jar and securing in place with glue or glue dots. Use a dab of glue or a glue dot to adhere the snowflake to the front of the jar.


Now you can start layering your Hot Cocoa In A Jar Ingredients.  I used this handy canning funnel to keep the mess at a minimum – and all the ingredients in the jar and not on my counter.

Step 2


I finished this off by printing out this cut little instruction tag that I made.  For the fabric at the top of the jar, you will need to cut a 5-inch round circle for each jar. I used the lid as a template and traced two inches bigger.

Step 3

Hot Cocoa Mix In A Jar is the ticket! It's the perfect gift that your friends and family can enjoy all winter long.

Have a Magical Day!