How To Choose

the Perfect Christmas Tree

Check out these helpful tips on How To Choose The Perfect Christmas Tree. 

Choose a variety

There are a number of different varieties of Christmas trees out there. Frasier Fir, Douglas Fir and Balsam seem to be the most popular.

Check the branches and give the tree a good shake. Chances are that if a lot of needles fall off, the tree is old and not a good selection.

I always suggest to our customers that they bring their tree stand with them when choosing a tree just to make sure the trunk will fit into the stand.

A fresh cut tree will last you a lot longer. A fresh cut will allow the tree to better “drink up” the water and keep the branches fresh.

This netting not only makes it easier to tie to your roof but also protects the needles and branches.

Follow these tips to ensure your tree lasts throughout the holiday season.

Have a Magical Day!