Minnie Mouse

Glitter Ornament

Hi friends! I hope your holiday season has been delightful thus far.  The season tends to get a bit hectic so I am making it a point this year to stop, breathe and enjoy the beauty of the season.


> Clear plastic ornament > Red Acrylic Paint > Black Acrylic Paint > Red Glitter Paint > Black Glitter Paint  > Chunky White Iridescent Glitter > Red Glittery Ribbon

Make merry magical with this adorable Disney Minnie Mouse Glitter Ornament. It’s an easy DIY craft for your Christmas tree.


Begin by sectioning off the ornament with a rubber band. Place rubber band about 2/3 from the top. You can also use painters tape. Paint bottom half with red acrylic paint. Allow to dry and then add a layer of the red glitter paint.


Remove the rubber band and repeat the process for the top portion using the black paints. Once the ornament is dry, dip a paint dabber in the Mod Podge. Then, sprinkle with the iridescent glitter

Her skirt should look something like this. You can make her polka dots smaller by using a smaller dabber


I finished her off by adding a pretty bow at the top. Minnie always has a bow in her hair.  I also glued a piece of glittery red ribbon around the center where the two colors meet.

It’s absolutely adorable! Ornaments are a great way to cherish memories of events and trips, aren’t they?

Have a Magical Day!