Painted Mason Jar

Valentine Lantern

Grab some chalk paint and transform a mason jar into these Painted Mason Jar Valentine Lantern.  This is an easy DIY Valentine's Day Cricut craft.


– Cricut Design Space Heart Silhouettes Template #MBFF673F – Cricut Maker with Fine Point Blade – Standard grip mat – Cricut Premium Removable Vinyl – Cricut Transfer Tape – Mason Jars with lid – Scissors


Step 1

 Wash jars with soap and hot water and let them dry completely before using.


Step 2

 On a blank Design Space canvas, select images and type #MBFF673E to insert the Heart Silhouette images on to your canvas.

Step 3

Resize the heart silhouettes to 2.25″ wide.


Duplicate the heart images two times to have a total of three.

Step 4

Step 5

Select “Make It” in Design Space. Set material type to Premium Vinyl.

Creating mason jar craft projects are also a great way to use up any extra craft supplies. I happened to have extra chalk paint but you can use regular acrylic paint too.

Have a Magical Day!