Christmas Ornament

This magical Unicorn Christmas Ornament is an easy DIY ornament to make for your Christmas tree this year!  Kids will enjoy making this homemade ornament.


> clear plastic fillable ornament > Glitter It > Extra Fine Glitter (I used white but any pastel color will work) > White stiff felt > Pink stiff felt > White & Purple Clay > Small Flowers > Gold Sharpie

This fun glittered unicorn Christmas ornament is made with clay, felt, and glitter.


Remove the metal cap from the ornament. Squirt in some of the Glitter it! Swirl slowly around to coat the entire inside of the ornament.


Shape the horn by twisting the two clay colors together. The horn should be thinner on the top and thicker on the bottom.It should be about one inch long so it is in proportion to the ornament.


Now it’s time to start gluing. Cut out her ears, making the white felt a little bigger than the pink. Glue onto the ornament. Center her horn and then glue on the flowers around it.

These cute mythical creatures are popping up everywhere across the internet – from crafts to shirts. Because remember, always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn, then be a unicorn.

Have a Magical Day!