How To Make A Charcuterie Board

With Meat Flowers

Dazzle your guests with this easy charcuterie board idea.  Learn how to make a Charcuterie Board With Meat Flowers.


> Wine glass > Cutting board, charcuterie board or platter > Round deli meat: (Round meats work best. I like to use salami or ham) > Assorted Crackers or breads > Assorted Fruits > Gourmet cheeses (choose a variety for everyone’s taste)

A charcuterie board is essentially a meat and cheese board that consists of a variety of meats and cheese along with fruits, nuts, condiments and crackers.


Layer the circles of meat on top of one another with the first layer having the least amount of slices.

Layer the second row of meat in between the first three that were laid out. You will end up with about five pieces of meat overlapping.


Continue the same process with the third, fourth, fifth and six-layer will until you have the desired size of a rose.  Flip the wine glass and meat over onto your presentation board. Leave the glass in place until you are ready to display your finished presentation. This will help hold the flower together.

It looks fancy but these meat flowers are easy to make. This is an easy party idea!

Have a Magical Day!