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Easy Art Deco Painted Glasses To Celebrate Awards Season

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Create these vintage-inspired, Easy Art Deco Painted Glasses To Celebrate Awards Season. Toast the Old Hollywood style with these DIY glasses. [Ad] #AwardWithSavings

Now that the holiday season is behind us, I am super excited to turn my attention to one thing…awards season! I love it…all of it! And it is almost here. Awards season is a celebration of so many things – a favorite movie, a favorite song, a favorite actor or actress, and of course, a favorite gown. Yes, while I love the each award show, I love the fashion each offers even more. The styling, the jewels, the “what are you wearing?”, the “what were you thinking wearing that?” makes for a fun time. It’s especially fun watching with a group of close girlfriends.

This year, I am hosting a girlfriend viewing party for our favorite movie awards show. I love the old Hollywood style, so I am putting an art deco spin on my gathering.  I made a set of Easy Art Deco Painted Glasses To Celebrate Awards Season and toast the winners.

I’ll show you how easy these were to create in just a second, but first, let’s talk a little about kicking off awards season with savings from P&G. I host a lot of casual parties at my home and saving money on essentials is always important. I like stocking up on party essentials like Bounty® Paper Towels for the kitchen prep and clean up, Tide® Laundry Detergent for cleaning the linens, Charmin® Bath Tissue to stock the bathrooms and Secret Deodorant to keep me fresh.

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Art Deco Painted Glasses - Supplies

Create your own signature Old Hollywood style at your awards viewing party.
Here’s what you will need to make these Easy Art Deco Painted Glasses:

4 Glasses (washed and dried)
Gold, Silver & Black Metallic Paints
Foam Pouncers
Bounty® Paper Towels

Before beginning, make sure your glasses are washed and completely dry. Bounty® Paper Towels are perfect for drying the glasses. They also come in handy for cleaning up any mess you make.

Art Deco Painted Glasses - Painting

Pour a small amount of each color paint onto a plastic disposable plate. Start with the largest pouncer and dip in the gold paint. Cover thoroughly with the paint. Press firmly on the glass in a random pattern. Dip and repeat several more times. Repeat the same process for the silver and then the black paints, using the medium pouncer for the silver and small pouncer for the black. Make sure you paint all around the glass.

Art Deco Painted Glasses - Painting 2

I only painted the bottom half of each glass. This easy project is pretty random so feel free to use your creative license and paint the whole glass if desired. Allow the paint to dry completely.

Art Deco Painted Glasses - Painting 3

Now that the glasses are finished, they need to be cured. Place the glasses on a baking sheet in a cool oven. Set oven to 350 degrees and bake for 30 minutes. Glasses must heat in gradually in the oven to avoid breaking. After 30 minutes, turn oven off and let the glasses cool completely in the oven. Glasses should continue curing on the counter for 72 hours.

Art Deco Painted Glasses - Feature 1

Once glasses are finished curing, they can be washed with mild soap or in the top rack of the dishwasher.

Art Deco Painted Glasses - Feature 3

The only thing left to do is to fill these Easy Art Deco Painted Glasses with a signature drink the night of your awards viewing party. Since I am celebrating all things Old Hollywood this year, it’s only appropriate to serve an Old Hollywood drink. I think an old-fashioned or whiskey sour would fill these glasses perfectly.

Awards Night Party Swag Bag 1

Top off your viewing party with a fun swag bag for each of your guests. Take a simple white gift bag (you could also stamp the bag the same way you did the glasses) and some fancy tissue paper. Fill with an award-winning movie, Secret Deodorant, nail polish, and makeup. It’s a fun idea that mimics what the presenters receive at the actual awards show.

Art Deco Painted Glasses - Feature 2

So what’s your take on awards season? Are you a fan? Before hosting your viewing party, be sure to stop by your local Acme get awarded with savings for select P&G products. Make sure you WOW your guests with these easy old Hollywood-inspired Art Deco Painted Glasses too!

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