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Simple Hydrangea Mason Jar Arrangements

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My hydrangea bushes are starting to bloom. Yeah! They are like big snowballs of happiness.  I love this vintage looking rustic summer flower. The whites, pinks and blues really add beauty to my yard. I have a couple different varieties growing like Fire and Ice and Endless Summer. Hydrangeas are perfect in bouquets (they are a popular choice for brides), flower arrangements and even cut and dried. They are also fairly easy to care for. Be sure to read to end of the post where I share some important hydrangea care tips.

Fire & Ice Hydrangea
Endless Summer Hydrangea
Endless Summer Hydrangea

I love bringing their beauty inside my home as well. They are perfect for cutting and making a simple arrangement using a mason jar. Being a farm girl, I love the versatility of mason jars. I not only use them for canning and gift giving but also as a vases. Just search “mason jar” on Pinterest and you will find a ton of mason jar ideas.

Here is a simple yet beautiful mason jar arrangement you can make with the hydrangeas in your yard. You don’t need to be a floral designer and don’t be intimidated. It’s easy and adds such beauty to your home. Don’t have access to hydrangeas in your yard? Check out your local florist or farmers’ market. They can easily be found at either of those locations. You can also get creative if you want by adding some additional summer flowers, such as snapdragons, asters, zinnias or roses, as well.

Here are the simple steps to make your own hydrangea arrangement.

First, grab your self a quart size mason jar. I used a wide mouth jar but a regular mouth jar will work just fine. I then cut 5-7 hydrangea blooms off my bushes. I made sure I cut the stems so they were about 10 inches long. You can always trim them while arranging them if needed. I love mixing the colors.

cut hydrangeas

Next, pull off all the bottom leaves. You don’t want to leave these because they will make the water in the mason jar smell. Just place the stems in the jar. There is no rhyme or reason to it. Just make sure the jar looks full.

cleaning hydrangeas

Now you can start arranging them in the mason jar. I start by trimming them on an angle to make the right size. An 8-10″ stem will fit perfectly. I used 7 stems in each jar but you can add a few more if you want the arrangement to look fuller.

cutting hydrangea

arranging 1

arranging 2

There you have it, a simple and easy to add beauty to your home. I also added a simple bow around the mouth of the jars. I had the family over (all 35 of us) last weekend to celebrate my daughter Gabrielle’s Sweet 16 birthday. They made perfect centerpieces for the tables.

finished arrangement 1

On a side note: Did you ever wonder how hydrangeas turn pink or blue?

Not to get all scientific on you, because chemistry is definitely not my forte, but It all has to do the pH level in your soil.  If you want your hydrangeas to stay pink or turn pink, then you need to raise the pH levels in your soil. Here are a few products that we sell at our garden center, Products like, Espoma Organic Garden Lime and Bailey’s Color Me Pink are perfect for that and should be incorporated into the soil around your hydrangea bush in the early spring.

If you want your hydrangeas to stay blue or turn blue, you need to lower the pH levels in your soil. Products like, Espoma Organic Soil Acidifier and Bonide Color Me Blue are perfect for that and as mentioned, should be incorporated into the soil around your hydrangea bush in the early spring.

Hydrangeas love water so be sure to water them regularly, especially on a hot day. A lot of people ask me when they should prune their plants. I always suggest pruning them down in the fall when you are doing your fall clean up work. My husband cuts ours down pretty low to the ground so they can flourish come summer.

Products to regulate the color of your hydrangeas/
Products to regulate the color of your hydrangeas.

You don’t need a special occasion to fill your home with fresh flowers. Hydrangeas are the perfect no-fuss flower because they are easy to work with and look beautiful no matter how you display them.Don’t be intimidated by the word “arrangement.” You don’t have to be a professional florist to achieve this beauty. I’m certainly not! What’s your favorite flower to see in an arrangement? I hope you try this simple one.

finished arrangement 2

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  1. They’re beautiful! I love hydrangeas, and the ribbon adds to the charm! Thank you so much for linking at Merry Monday Linky! I hope we see you again (sundays at 6pm pst)! Julia

  2. I also love my Hydrangea as well and the best of growing them in New Zealand is that they flower just in time for Christmas. I pick mine at night then take the leases off and bang the bottom of them with a hammer. When all are ready I put them in cold water up to their necks over night and in the morning arrrange them in a large vase but to top them up I MUST have Christmas lillies to put in the vase with the flowers oh how they all smell sooooooo beeaautiful and look so striking.

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