Taking The Leap.

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So I decided to take the plunge and dive into the proverbial world of blogging. After much thought, self doubt and procrastination, I decided to just do it. Yes, I am venturing into the unknown. The thought of blogging is something I have been contemplating about for a long time. The actual process of “creating it” is something very new to me. What will I write about? How will I come up with ideas? How often will I post? are all thoughts that have crossed my mind. My simple answer to myself is, “have fun with it.” Blogging isn’t rocket science, after all. It’s just about being able to express your ideas and subject matter to others through writing, something that I enjoy since I spent 12 years in the healthcare public relations field prior to motherhood.

What will my blog focus on you ask? How Does Your Garden Grow will give everyone a little insight into the great big garden that I am surrounded by…..our family’s 500 fruit and vegetable farm in Tabernacle, NJ. While I am sure this venture will be a work in progress, my ultimate goal is share with you the trials and tribulations of farm life, gardening tips and how-to’s, my love of cooking (with our own Jersey Fresh vegetables, of course). I might even throw in a few little rants about kids and family here and there too. Hope you have time to check it out. Thanks for reading.



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