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15 Disney Kitchen Gadgets To Cook Up Some Magical Fun

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15 Disney Kitchen Gadgets To Cook Up Some Magical Fun

15 Disney Kitchen Gadgets To Cook Up Some Magical Fun!

If you are a Disney nut like myself, you always try to find a way to enjoy the magic every day. This mean accessorizing your home with some fun Disney items. Since I feel like I spend most of my time in the kitchen, these 15 Disney Kitchen Gadgets are the perfect way to cook up some magical fun.

Mickey Waffler

Start your day off with a Mickey Waffle – just like at the parks!

Mickey Toaster

This cool Mickey Mouse Toaster actually imprints a Mickey on your toast. Neat!

Mickey Mouse Spatula

You’ll flip over this Mickey Spatula, and so will your pancakes!

Mickey Apron

If you happen to make a mess, this Mickey Apron will keep you clean.

Pixar Slow Cooker

Use the Disney Pixar Slow Cooker and dinner will be ready when you get home.

Mickey Mouse Popcorn Maker

Sit down with the family, pop some popcorn in this Disney Mickey Kettle Style Popcorn Popper, and watch your favorite Disney flick!

Mickey Ice Cube

Add these Mickey Ice Cubes to a refreshing drink.

mickey egg mold

Mickey shaped everything…..eggs, pancakes, you name it with a Mickey Egg Ring.

Mickey Chocolate Fountain

Chocolate covered fruit will taste swell at your next party with a Mickey Chocolate Fountain.

Mickey & Minnie Dish Towels

Clean up your mess with this adorable Mickey & Minnie Dish Towel Set.

Ears cutting board

This Disney Cutting Board is perfect for food preparation.

Disney Salt & Pepper

Add some Disney fun to your table with a Disney Mickey and Minnie Mouse Ceramic Salt and Pepper Set.

Disney measuring Spoons

Measure up some fun in the kitchen with these Mickey Measuring Spoons.

Disney Juice Glasses

Enjoy your favorite beverage or juice with your favorite Disney friend in a Disney Mickey and Friends Juice Glass.

Disney Platter

Disney Sketchbook Rectangular Platter is the perfect way to serve sandwiches, snacks, or desserts.

These gadgets are the perfect way to add a dash of Disney to your kitchen. Which one will you chooses? I like them all!

15 Disney Kitchen Gadgets To Cook Up Some Magical Fun





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