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How To Make A Birdbath Planter

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birdbath planter square

Looking for a quick do it yourself gardening project this weekend? This is fun Birdbath Planter is a great way to welcome birds into your yard. I am a little obsessed with my planters. This project literally took me 15 minutes to complete. Talk about easy peasy! You can also get extra creative and spray paint your urn and center birdbath pot and color of your choosing. I opted to keep my a basic black. Spray painting the urn and plastic pot will take an extra day since you will need to let everything dry overnight.

Here’s how to make a birdbath planter.
Supplies needed for this project:

birdbath supplies

1 – 18″ Urna
1 – 8″ Plastic Pot/Container
1 – 16 quart bag potting soil
8 – 4″ Plants and/or flowers (annuals)
Gardening Gloves
Miracle-Gro Fertilizer

, fill urn 1/4 of the way with potting soil. Place 8″ container in the center. Fill 1/4 of the way more. Leave about 3 inches from the top of the pot so plants will fit.

birdbath step 1

Now, remove plants from 4″ pot and fill evenly around urn. I used lime sweet potato vine, vinca vine, bacopa and million belles which I scooped up from our greenhouse, for my planter. I choose plants that are vines so they will droop over the pot, but feel free to use any kind of plant or flower you like. Just make sure the plants you choose will be in their idea growing environment (sun vs. shade). Make sure you water the plants too when you are finished planting them. Wait a week and then give the plants some fertilizer. I prefer Miracle-Gro®.

birdbath step 2

Once your urn is planted, relocate it to an area of your yard where you and your fine feathered friends can enjoy. Don’t fill the center birdbath/pot up with water until you find a permanent location. It will be too heavy to carry otherwise. I placed mine near my rose garden.


Now that was simple! I can’t wait to see which birds come visit. Hopefully I will have my camera handy so I can snap some cool shots. Be sure to let me know which beautiful birds stop by to take a bath. I would love to know!

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  1. Do the birds actually bathe in the bath? Or do they get confused by their own reflections? Regardless of the birds’ inabilities to follow the bathing protocals, this is ADORABLE! Stopping by from the Merry Monday linky party! Thanks for sharing! -Treana @ houseofbennetts.com

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