Create Your Own Crayon Wall Art Masterpiece

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Simple and easy steps to Create Your Own Crayon Wall Art Masterpiece. Perfect for a teen, tween or kids bedroom or playroom.

I love crayons. I guess they bring out the child in me. The colors, the smell, the fancy box with the built-in sharpener; all bring back memories of my childhood and how much fun we had with one simple box of crayons. My daughter, Gabrielle, loves crayons too. In fact, at the age of 16, she is a pretty talented young artist. As a child, she always had a piece of paper and a box of crayons by her side. It’s pretty sad because I can’t even draw a stick figure.

While “pinning” away one day on Pinterest, she came across this really cool crayon wall art project she wanted to make for her bedroom. So, we headed out to our local arts and crafts store and stocked up on the supplies needed to create this Pinteresting  idea – a Crayon Wall Art masterpiece.

Here’s what you need to create your own Crayon Wall Art masterpiece:
18 x 24 canvas
1 Box of 96 Crayons (take out black, grays and browns)
1 Box of 24 Crayons (to double up on colors if needed)
Hot Glue Gun
Glue Sticks
Heat Gun or Blow Dryer

crayons lined up

Before you start anything, make sure you workspace is really a “workspace.” This project gets messy so you don’t want to be doing this on your kitchen table. Be sure your workspace has newspaper or canvas underneath. Once you start heating the crayons, they will run and make a mess. Us moms HATE messes!

To start, remove the black, gray and brown crayons from the box. Line up the colors in rainbow order (pinks, reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues and purples). I kept the canvas underneath to make sure the crayons fit perfectly. It makes it easier when you glue them on.

crayons lined up 3

Now start gluing. Start from the left side and work towards the right.

Gluing Crayons

Once you are finished gluing, use a box to help prop up the canvas. This made it easier to heat the crayons.

crayon canvas before heat

Now, start heating the crayons. Start from the left and work you way towards the right. Hold the heat gun or hair dryer 3-4 inches away from the crayons. If you hold it too close, the paper wrappers on the crayons will turn brown. It takes a few minutes for each section to heat up and melt. So be patient and take your time.

crayon heat 1

Don’t you just love the colorful drips. I think it is so cool.

crayon heat 2

Once the wax gets hot enough. Bam! It just runs down the canvas and creates a colorful masterpiece.

crayon heat 3

See why I told you to make sure your work area was covered. Look at this colorful mess.

crayon drips

And there you have it! This project took one hour to complete. I think it is a project best suited for a tween, teen or adult. Working with the hot glue gun, heating gun / hair dryer, and hot wax can be dangerous for younger kids. Just make sure an adult is around to supervise so no one gets hurt.

crayon heat 4

I was so excited about this project. It’s fun, colorful and easy to make. It looks great hanging in Gabrielle’s room too. Creating it was also relatively inexpensive. The entire project cost only $15 to make. I scored a good deal at the craft score on the supplies because I used a coupon. Don’t you just love using coupons??!!

So I not only spent a minimal amount on the supplies, but Gabrielle also got a really cool piece of art to hang in her bedroom. We got to spend some quality time together too. It was a fun day! I give this Pinteresting Idea two thumbs up. What kind of craft projects do you like to do with your kids? I hope you try this one.

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  1. I’ve seen this and always wondered if they actually melted! I kept thinking the hair dryer wouldn’t get the hot enough – but looks like you’ve solved that mystery! What FUN! I would love to do this with the 8 billion crayons I have form over the years! My 6 year old would love it! Thank you so much for sharing at Merry Moday Linky ! Please come back again Sunday at 6pm PST! We’d love to have you. Juila

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