Best Travel Destinations With Teens

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Want to cross a few places off your family bucket list this summer? If you are traveling with teens, check out these Best Travel Destinations With Teens

Want to cross a few places off your family bucket list this summer? If you are traveling with teens, check out these Best Travel Destinations With Teens #familytravel #teenagers #parentingteens #travel #luxurytravelIt can be a challenge to find a vacation that will satisfy a teenager’s interests. Often, the dreaded “are we there yet?” turns into “I really don’t want to go.” I get it! As a mom of one teenager and one young adult (whom I safely guided through the teenage years), they can challenge everything we say, do or plan. Even vacations. Several destinations may be of interest to a teen that the rest of the family will enjoy as well. Many vacation destinations cater to families, with the emphasis on activities for young children, this often leaves teenagers feeling left out and bored with their vacation. Most teens appreciate a vacation packed with activities suited for their age group, so choosing a large, well-populated resort or destination will most likely satisfy their need for adventures and socializing.

Best Travel Destinations With Teens

Inclusive Resorts

Best Travel Destinations With Teens FeatureInclusive resorts provide some of the Best Travel Destinations With Teens. They are a great choice for the entire family. Parents do not have to worry about keeping a teenager supplied with money constantly, because almost everything is included in the price at this type of resort, including snacks and meals. Inclusive resorts tend to have a variety of activities and excursions that will make for a fun filled day.

Breezes Resorts have wonderful programs for teens, and some of them only cater to older teens with no younger children allowed. They are located in Curacao, Costa Do Sauipe, Punta Cana and Puerto Plata. Club Med resorts are all-inclusive and there are more than 80 locations around the world. They offer a Jr. Club Med at no extra charge, which allows teenagers to meet others their own age, experience exciting adventures and participate in many activities. Beaches Resorts in Jamaica and Turks & Caicos have a recently developed new teen program that is wonderful for teenagers, featuring state of the art technology, special activities and hangouts.


Several cruise lines cater to teens. Some of the best destinations are the Caribbean, Mexico and Alaska. Disney Cruise Lines has one of the best teen programs, offering flexible dining options, teen-only hangouts, many activities and adventures. Disney’s exclusive island, Castaway Cay in the Bahamas, offers a fun adventure filled day for teens on its beautiful white beaches and upbeat friendly atmosphere.

The Essential Disney Cruise Packing ListAnother port of call in the Bahamas of interest is Nassau. It is a quick trip over a bridge to The Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island. Atlantis Resort has an underground cavern maze that depicts the history of Atlantis as well as an impressive array of marine animals. Teens can swim with dolphins, spend a fun-filled day on water slides, or spend an afternoon shopping in the many boutiques located in the resort.

Why You Should Never Take Your Teenager On A Disney CruiseNorwegian Cruise Lines and Royal Caribbean also cater to teens offering youth spa programs and shore excursions that are for teens only. Teenagers seem to love the cruise ship atmosphere, and there is always a party occurring somewhere aboard. Cruises are usually exclusive with excursions and some amenities extra.

Hiking / Mountain Vacations

Best Travel Destinations With Teens FeatureSpending time in the great outdoors with family is the perfect way to soothe the soul. Connecting with nature may not be for everyone, but if you are an outdoorsy type, this is the perfect vacation. Visit a National Park, hike, camp, zip line or even consider a water activity at a mountain lake.

European Vacations

Traveling abroad to England, Europe and beyond is a great way to broaden a teens horizons. Visiting a foreign country is not just about sightseeing, it’s about learning and immersing oneself in the culture. It’s a great experience for the entire family.

Teens should be part of the destination discussion to ensure that their vacation needs are being met. Make it a family decision. Try to choose a location will be popular with the whole family, and has a variety of activities for teens. If the teen has a say in excursions or activities, they will be enthusiastic about joining the family on vacation and participating.

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