Pack the Perfect Walt Disney World Backpack

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Packing a Disney Day bag is important. Check out these helpful Disney Packing tips and tricks on how to Pack the Perfect Walt Disney World Backpack

Tips and tricks on how to Pack The Perfect Walt Disney World Backpack. These helpful Disney Packing Tips will make your Disney family vacation less stressful and fun. #DisneyWorld #disneyhacks #disneypackingtips

Winter vacation season is in full swing for many of us. Some of you may be heading to the beach or perhaps the mountains. While others may be heading to my absolute favorite vacation spot — Walt Disney World! I have all the Disney Packing lists for you. Be sure to download them before you go.

I am by no means an expert but have been there enough times over the years to know a thing or two about the “Happiest Place on Earth.” I always say to my husband that going to Disney is not a vacation but rather an adventure.

We tend to be on the go from morning ’til night.

No rest for the weary. We’re in Disney after all, so let’s get packing.  Be sure to check out my Disney Packing Lists page for more helpful Disney planning resources.

What should you do On your first day at Disney World? Take some time to enjoy these enjoyable and relaxing must-do experiences. 

So what should you pack in your “in-park” Walt Disney World backpack? By “in-park” backpack, I mean the backpack that you will carry around with you each day you visit the park, not your airplane carry on.

The key to packing the perfect Walt Disney World backpack is to pack the important essentials and not weigh it down with everything but the kitchen sink.

You don’t want your bag to be too heavy because your arms and shoulders will get tired. Let start with the backpack first. It needs to be not too big and not too small but just right.

You have to remember that your bag will be checked by park security before you enter so be cautious of a million zippers and pockets. They will need to be opened.

Here is my list of in-park essentials for your Disney backpack:

A SMALL wallet

It should be able to fit cash, park tickets if you don’t have Magic Bands, a credit card or two and your ID or drivers license. You don’t need to bring your Victoria’s Secret credit card or library card.

Cell Phone, charger and portable battery charger.

Trust me, if you are anything like me, I am snapping, Instagramming, Tweeting and Facebooking all at the same time to capture those vacation memories.

Your battery will be used up quickly if you are using your phone constantly. I use the Anker External Battery Pack Power Bank and I love it. It’s is powerful enough so I can charge 2 devices at once, if needed.

Sunscreen & Lip Balm.

You’re in Florida and it gets really hot. Enough said! I pack my sunscreen in a gallon size food storage bag just in case it pops open in my bag. Then, I will not have a big mess.


I love to take pictures! So yes, I am one of those people who still carry a camera even though my iPhone takes really nice pictures. You can eliminate this one if you are happy using your cell phone.

This Digital Camera takes excellent photos and videos!


We all get hungry but snacks in the parks can be on the expensive side. Granola bars, Gold Fish, pretzels are all good to pack. If you have access to fresh fruit and your hotel, you can include an apple or banana too and stick that in your backpack as well.

Hand Sanitizer & Travel Size Wipes.

I like to stick a travel-size hand sanitizer and wipe packet in with my sunscreen bag too just in case the cap pops off. My family likes to snack our way through the parks so these are great to clean up with.

Water Bottle.

You’re in Florida and it gets really hot. Wait, I said that already. Again, buying bottled water in the park is expensive. However, each food kiosk will give you a free cup of water in which you can fill up your water bottle.

I like the Brita Sport Water Filter Bottle with the built-in filter.

What To Pack In Your Walt Disney World Backpack

Reusable Straws

Disney now has banned plastic straws. I personally don’t like paper straws so I like to bring my own reusable straws for the family. This set even has a carrying case for traveling.

Hat & Sunglasses.

I can’t live without my sunglasses. I’m not much of a hat person but the sun’s rays can be brutal so a sweet Disney hat is also a great idea to protect your face and head.

Rain Poncho.

Typical Florida weather calls for a pop-up shower around 3 p.m. every day. True fact. Be prepared so you don’t get drenched it a shower does occur.

It’s no fun walking around in wet clothes. I always bring ours but you can purchase them in the park as well if needed.

Autograph Book & Pen/Marker.

If you have younger children, this is a must. You can’t pass up the opportunity for a photo opp and autograph session with your favorite character. I still bring mine!

First Aid Essentials.

Yes, there are first aid stations located throughout each park, but having band-aids, Tylenol or ibuprofen and gauze in your backpack is so much easier.

I pack all our first aid essentials (band-aids, pain reliever, gauze) in a small sandwich size Ziploc™ bag.

Extra quart size or gallon size bags.

Just in case you need to protect your electronics or wallet if you go on the water rides.

Paper copies of your Fast Pass+ reservations and any Disney Dining reservation.

You can access these on the My Disney Experience app but I like the paper confirmation as back-up just in case something happens to my phone.

Park Maps.

Even though I can access all the park information on my phone and I pretty much know the layout of each park by heart, I still like the paper maps. They are so easy to whip out and view. Plus, they are fun to look at.

Grab a copy at the entrances or at various kiosks throughout the park. They are easy to find. You can also view them on the Disney Parks Website by clicking here.

Breath mints and gum.

Sometimes we all need to freshen our breath. Especially after we have eaten our way around the World Showcase in Epcot. Gum is not sold an any of the parks, so if you like to gum, you need to bring your own.

Lightweight Sweatshirt.

This is an optional item depending on the time of year you visit. It does cool down at night so you may want to have a cute Disney sweatshirt handy.

Bonus Item:

A lot of people I know swear by these water mist bottle fans, especially during the summer months. They are a perfect way to cool off from the hot Florida heat.

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I hope you find this list of things to pack in your Walt Disney World backpack helpful. Having everything you need at various times throughout the day will make your vacation more enjoyable and cost-effective.

After all, you don’t want to take away from all the magic and pixie dust by not having one of the in-park essentials I listed. If you need more Disney packing tips, be sure to check out this post!

I hope you make many magical memories on your next Disney vacation. When is your favorite time of year to visit? I can’t wait until we visit again.

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Disney Packing Tips - What to pack in your Disney backpack

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  1. Awesome list!! I’ve always loved that Disney lets you bring in your own water and snacks – saves soooo much! Also, those extra ziplock bags are ALWAYS a must!! 🙂 Happy Friday!

  2. We’re way up in central NY but always talke about a trip before the kids are grown! This is a great list for any day trip though! I will consult it next week when we had to “Enchanted Forest”! Thank you so much for linking to Merry Monday! See you next week! Julia

    1. Isn’t gum taboo in Disney? I thought it wasn’t allowed in any of the parks, that’s why it’s not sold there?

  3. I always like to bring a washcloth in a ziplock. Comes in handy for wetting to place on your neck in the hot afternoons. Plus, hand wipes just don’t cut it for a melted Mickey bar. A small bottle of bubbles for waiting in long lines. And, a small container of play dough for waiting out an afternoon rain storm.

  4. Love your list!
    That water bottle is a life saver! We brought 2 last time, with filters, and it was so nice to be able to just fill them up at the water fountain when they got empty.

    Also, snacks! Totally need those, especially with little ones. Snacking on Goldfish makes waiting in lines seem faster.


  5. Hey you can also ask any of the Quick Service Food and Beverage stands for free cups of water for free! We have four than carrying around heavy water bottles all day!

  6. I love these packing tips… A few insider tips:
    Great idea to bring your own water bottle. If you are like me and tend to drink a ton of water, remember any of the quick service restaurants will give you free water if you ask instead of buying bottles or refilling from the water fountains. Then just pour into your own water bottles. (For health safety reasons they won’t refill your water bottle.) I like having my own bottle instead of the paper cups because they break easily, and I can snap my water bottle onto my back pack.

    Also, please, oh PLEASE – if you do bring your own gum, for goodness sake, throw it away in the proper receptacles. And don’t go on the “E-Ticket” attractions with it (choking hazard). Walt Disney himself said he would not sell gum at the parks because of the mess it makes. (He also said it about popcorn, but the masses won out on that one.)

    One of my absolute favorite ways to wait out the long lines is to bring Disney Trivia questions with me… Or play the alphabet game – Name Disney characters through the alphabet, name movies, etc… (Hint, Yzma is used pretty quick for the “Y”. Yen Sid is Disney backwards, and is the name of the wizard in Sorcerer’s Apprentice.)

    Another quick tip I love is to bring a small blanket and take a picnic time out for a bit. A whole day in the park can be a bit strenuous, especially with little ones. If you are not staying conveniently close to the Park, take a break in a somewhat quiet area and take in the scenery. Some nicer areas at Disneyland are on Pirate’s Island, Toontown, and in New Orleans square. Also, if you have really little ones, there is a Baby Care Center on Main Street.

  7. This list is awesome! I you don’t have to carry around a bottle of water though. There are free cups of water at many places around the parks!

  8. Really great list!!!!
    But the one thing I didn’t understand was the park maps. Why buy those???
    Besides being able to access them on the phone, maps are free in the park! Just pick one up as you walk in the park! 😉

    Also as much as I love the idea of the water bottle idea I rather get ice water from the restaurants then the bottle isn’t added to the load to carry every day at the park. At the end of the day even a tiny purse seems sooooo heavy hahaha

    1. Yes, Park maps are free! You can either grab them at the entrance or use the My Disney Experience app to view. I don’t recall mentioning that you should purchase them. I just like to have them with me when I am in the parks.

  9. Thanks, this is exactly what I was looking for! I haven’t been in over 30 years and I’m bringing my son for the first time. Thanks so much for the info!

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