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Homemade Lavender Bath Salts

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Relax and unwind after a long day with this easy Homemade Lavender Bath Salts made with Young Living lavender essential oil. Things have been a little crazy around here. Downright hectic is probably a better way to explain it. Summer is winding down, but life on the farm certainly is not. I reached my limit the other day and I needed some time to decompress and unplug. Well, semi-unplug, because I hate to admit it, but I do not know what I would do without technology. Sad, I know.

One of the ways I like to unwind after a long and busy day is a nice hot bath. Not just any bath though, a bath with Homemade Lavender Bath Salts. Making your own relaxing bath salts at home is so easy and very inexpensive. You basically need three things – Natural Epsom Salt, a few drops of an Essential Oil and a jar to store it in. You can’t get much easier than that, right!

Lavender Bath Salts - SuppliesThis fragranced bath salt is the perfect relaxing pick-me-up after a long day. I choose to use Lavender Oil because Lavender’s aroma is great for relaxing and winding down before bedtime. By adding it to a bath, it creates a calming and comforting environment.

Homemade Lavender Bath Salts Recipe

2 cups Natural Epsom Salt

1 – 16 oz Latch Lid Canning Jar (or two 8 Ounce Jars with Lid)

8 Drops of Lavender Essential Oil ( <——- this is the brand that I love)

Lavender Bath Salts - Essential OilAdd the natural epsom salt to a glass jar or glass bowl. Add eight drops of lavender essential oil and mix well. Be sure your jar or bowl is glass and not plastic. The oil will melt through the plastic.

Lavender Bath Salts - Feature 4Simple and easy. You can taylor these bath salts to any scent you like. I just happen to love how the lavender smells.Homemade bath salts also make great gifts – think Christmas, birthday, teacher gifts, housewarming….an so on. Add it to a gift basket and I am sure it will be greatly appreciated.

Lavender Bath Salts - Feature 3

If you are new to Essential Oils, you can find out more information by clicking this link. Besides making lovely bath salts they have so many daily benefits. 


Here are a few other ways to use the oils.

The four-ingredient hand cream made with Orange Essential Oil is the perfect cure for dry hands. Great for the gardener, DIYer or anyone who want smooth hands with all-natural products.Gardener’s Orange Hand Cream

Make your own Lemon Sugar Scrub and exfoliate your dry skin.Lemon Sugar Scrub

What are some ways you like to unwind? Have you ever tried making your own Homemade Bath Salts?

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