Disney World Addict? 5 Signs You Might TOTALLY Be One

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I’ve put together a super serious ultra scientific group of questions to help determine what we already know… You are Totally a Walt Disney World addict!

I've put together a super serious ultra scientific group of questions to help determine what we already know... You are Totally a Walt Disney World addict! If you love all things Disney, Walt Disney World or Disneyland, then these signs may apply to you. If you love to share helpful Disney planning tips to anyone that will listen, then you are definitely a Disney fan. #disneytips #disneypackinglist #waltdisneyworld

Hi. My name is Melissa and I am a Disney addict. There. I said it. Although, if you follow me here on The Farm Girl Gabs or any of my social media accounts, you probably already know that I LOVE DISNEY. Okay. So, you’re a Disney fan, but are you maybe a little addicted?

I know I have Disney withdrawals as soon as the Magical Express arrives to drag me back to the airport. I know you understand. So, if you are a little bit concerned about whether or not you might be a bonafide Disney World junkie, you are in the right place. I’ve put together a super-serious ultra scientific group of questions to help determine what we already know… You are Totally a Walt Disney World addict!

Welcome to the club!

You Search Park Bench Videos on Youtube

You know what I’m talking about. You just want that feeling of sitting on one of Walt Disney World‘s many benches. Admire those breathtaking views of fountains, pavilions and attractions. These five minute YouTube videos can be a nice break from work, but they are also a sign that you are a total Disney World addict!

Your Playlist is Riddled Sherman Brothers Songs

Do you listen to a lot of music while you work, or while you are at home? Does that Music seem to regularly shuffle in some old familiar Disney tunes like “It’s a Small World”, or “There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow”?

How about “Flitterin'” that classic instrumental piece you often here on Main Street USA? At any point do your speakers call out “Your attention please…” if you laughed out loud at that, then you are a total, full-blown Disney World addict. Or, if you listen to the park loops on Sorcerer Radio or park music on YouTube, then I can totally relate.

Signs You May Be A Disney Addict

You Order Attraction Scented Candles Online

Addict. Do I even need to say it? If you go shopping for scented candle fragrances that are going to remind you of Pirates of the Caribbean, Dole Whips, or Soarin’  Over California, then the case is closed, the votes are in and you are a Disney World addict. You can’t wait to get back into the parks and experience the pure bliss of that one memorable attraction all over again.

You Start Planning the Next Trip Before You’re Home

I have to say, I sometimes get a little sad on the day I actually arrive at Walt Disney World. It’s weird, I know. But I already know that soon I will have to leave again. That thought is enough to bring Uncle Albert down from the ceiling.

I especially dislike checking out and having Magical Express drag me back to the airport against my will! If you start planning your next trip while you are still on your current one then you like me are a Disney World addict.

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You Add “Pavilion” to Every Country

How about this one. Ever have a conversation with someone about Italy, or France? Do you picture the World Showcase Pavilions in Epcot? Do you refer to every country as a pavilion before realizing that, no, It’s a real country in the real world?

If that is the case, then you are the very best kind of Disney World addict, because you must spend an awful lot of time in Epcot and who wouldn’t want to do that?

Bonus Sign #6 – You never have enough Disney Gear.

Ok, I was supposed to stop at five signs your a Disney addict, but this one is equally important to. You love to show your Disney pride buy wearing your Disney-themes ears, clothing, jewelry, shoes, and even tattoos – at home, on the go or in the parks. Yep. I’d say if you can agree to any or all of these, then you, my friend, are a Disney addict.

So do any of these “signs” fit the bill for you? Are there any other things that you do that you consider a Disney addict to do? How do you cure those post-Disney blues?

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