Easy Care Houseplants for Beginners

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While some houseplants take a lot of time and upkeep, there are a variety of easy-care houseplants that are fairly maintenance-free. Do you have any of these low-maintenance houseplants in your home?

While some houseplants take a lot of time and upkeep, there are a variety of easy-care houseplants that are fairly maintenance-free. Do you have any of these low maintenance houseplants in your home?
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Houseplants are a great way to add some color to your home and improve the air quality at the same time. But not all houseplants are created equally.

While some plants take a lot of time and upkeep, there are some varieties that are fairly maintenance-free. These 10 simple houseplant varieties are perfect for a beginner hoping to add some plants to their home this year.

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10 Easy Care Houseplants

Jade Plant

Since the jade plant retains water in its leaves, it can go for more than a month without watering. That means even the most forgetful indoor gardener can keep a jade plant alive. All this pretty plant needs is a sunny spot and a small amount of water when the soil starts to feel dry.

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Rubber Tree

Large houseplants are a great way to dress up a plain room. And that’s why rubber trees are so popular. You can grow a large rubber plant without much effort. Or keep it pruned to keep your rubber tree small.

Either way, this easy to care for plant enjoys growing in a shady spot in your home, with weekly watering, making it perfect for beginners.

Chinese Money Plant

The Chinese money plant is a great choice for beginners because it can survive without the need for much attention. In fact, this indoor plant prefers to grow in a shady spot without much water.

To keep your Chinese money plant alive, place it an area of your home that receives a small amount of indirect sunlight each day and water it once per week. That’s it!


Another shade-loving succulent that’s perfect for planting indoors is the aloe plant. Aloe plants prefer indirect light, making them a great houseplant option. And since these succulents are native to the desert, they don’t need much water to thrive.

Simply water your aloe plant when the soil is dry to keep it growing and add some visual interest to any room in your home.

Air Plant

To keep your air plant growing, you don’t need anything more than water. Air plants don’t even require soil to grow!

So, if you’re looking for a houseplant without the mess, this simple plant is the perfect option for you. Air plants just need to be soaked in water every 10 days to allow them to rehydrate, then you can forget about them for the next 10 days.

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Peace Lily

Are you a plant owner that tends to over-do it? Overwatering can be a big problem for many houseplant owners! If you’re one of those people that tends to kill their houseplants because you give them too much water, get yourself a peace lily. It is a super Easy Care Houseplants

This beautiful flowering houseplant loved water, which means there’s no way you can kill it with too much watering. Place your peace lily in a sunny window, give it plenty of water, and it will show off its pretty white blooms all year long.

Dragon Tree

Looking for a houseplant you can stick in a corner and forget about? The dragon tree is for you! Dragon tree prefers growing in low light areas, which means you can place it in the corner of your home without worrying about droopy leaves.

To keep your dragon tree growing, all you need to do is water it when the soil gets dry. The only downside to this easy houseplant is that it’s toxic to both dogs and cats, which means pet owners should avoid this variety.


Flowering houseplants are prefect for adding a pop of color to your home. But most flowering plants are difficult to care for – except for kalanchoe. This flowering plant is a water-retaining succulent, which means it doesn’t need much water to survive. Just place it in indirect sunlight and watch its colorful bell-shaped flowers bloom all year long.


You’ll love the interesting leaves on the philodendron. And you’ll also love how easy it is to care for. This houseplant variety enjoys having its soil on the dry side, which means you can get by with watering it once per week.

And since it can withstand dark growing conditions, philodendron can be placed just about anywhere in your home without much worry. That means it a great houseplant to add to any room in your house if you’re a beginner at growing plants indoors.

Christmas Cactus

Cacti are another popular houseplant option for anyone who’s new at growing plants indoors. And while many people picture a cactus as a tall desert growing plant, there are actually a variety of cacti to choose from when it comes to houseplants.

The Christmas cactus is a great choice for anyone who’s looking for a houseplant they can forget about on occasion. This easy to care for plant needs light, occasional watering and indirect sunlight to produce its unique segmented stems and colorful flowers that bloom during the holiday season.

The benefit of houseplants – Easy Care Houseplants

Did you know there are health benefits to caring for a houseplant? Yep. The graphic below shares some reasons why it’s good to go green.

the benefits for houseplants in your home

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While some houseplants take a lot of time and upkeep, there are a variety of easy-care houseplants that are fairly maintenance-free. Do you have any of these low maintenance houseplants in your home?

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