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Five Easy Care Garden Flowers

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Spring has sprung. It’s time to get digging in the garden with these Five Easy Care Garden Flowers. These flowering annuals will thrive all season long.

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5 Easy Care flowers that your can plant in your garden. #Gardening #Flowers #Plants

I think I am pretty much done with winter. Snow, freezing cold temps, and cabin fever has me dreaming of working in my garden again. March is finally here and that means we are one step closer to warmer days and longer nights. Not to rush things, but I can’t wait for spring. I am sure a lot of you feel the same way.

Since spring gardening season is right around the corner {Alleluia!}, it’s not too early to start planning your gardens. It’s OK if you consider yourself an amateur gardener. There are a lot of easy-care flower options for you. Why not add a pop of color to your landscape! Here are Five Easy Care Garden Flowers you can plant. All of these are hardy, require little care and beautiful.

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Vinca is one of the hardiest flowers around. This colorful annual grows just like Impatiens BUT can tolerate the hot sun and drier soil. In other words, they like it hot and don’t need a lot of water! Another benefit? – they are deer resistant. So, if you live in an area where the deer like to peek in your windows and destroy your landscape, try these beauties. Vinca Colors include white, pinks and purples.


Begonias - Feature

If you have a lot of shade in your yard, begonias will be your best friend. Colors for this hardy plant include whites, pinks and reds. They also come in two different leaf colors – bronze or green, so you have even more planting options, depending on your landscape preferences. Generally, begonias require little care and don’t like a dense, heavily watered soil.



While they may not smell the best, marigolds are pretty hardy and easy care annuals. Their bright orange and yellows brighten up the garden and keep the rabbits away. It’s a win-win for these beauties.



Gazanias are my favorite flower hands down! These vibrant flowers come in yellow and pink. They remind me of miniature sunflowers. They love the full sun but the coolest thing of all is their blooms close at dusk or on a cloudy day. They reopen each morning to bask in the sun! I just love them.



Coleus are another shade to part-sun loving plant. Vibrant burgundy, red and greens take center stage for this plant. Colues don’t have an actual flower but they do get pretty white shoots once they mature. They are perfect for boarders and in container gardens too. A newer variety, called a Kong Coleus, grows larger and can tolerate more sun.

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Hopefully, these flower ideas will make your gardening a bit easier. While these plants are pretty hardy, don’t forget they still need water and food. What annuals do you like to plant in your garden?

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Spring has sprung. It's time to get digging in the garden with these Five Easy Care Garden Flowers. These flowering annuals will thrive all season long. Check out these best easy-care annuals to plant in your flower beds this year. These spring gardening tips will have your flower gardens flourishing in no time. No-fail flowers to plant in your garden.

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  1. It’s so refreshing to see photos of flowers when 4-8″ of snow is currently being dumped on us. I cannot wait to start my garden again! I plant flowers in pots mostly, but we have some rose bushes around the yard that are really lovely in full bloom.

  2. What a perfect post! I am not a gardener and everyone asks me what to plant… I love Garzanias… We have a lot of sun in California…

  3. I love flower gardens and I absolutely can not wait to get mine going! I tend to grow the same flowers because I always have super success! I am thinking of branching out a bit this year! I would love for you to share this on my new link party Making Memories Mondays going on now! 🙂

  4. I just found you over at Friday Frenzy link up and this post is exactly what I was thinking about today! I am starting to plant a veggie garden but would love to plant some flowers around the yard to brighten things up! Thanks for the info. Pinned!

  5. Great post! This gets me so excited!
    Cant wait to plant some of these around my garden and give it a bit of life again (Can’t help but love this time of year)

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