How To Prepare Yourself When A Child Leaves for College

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It’s a mixture of emotions for everyone when your child is headed off to college. Here are tips on How To Prepare Yourself When A Child Leaves for College.

It's a mixture of emotions for everyone when your child is headed off to college. Here are tips on How To Prepare Yourself When A Child Leaves for College.

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This is it. AJ, our youngest, will soon be leaving home and heading to college. I’m not sure how I feel about that. Even though Anthony and I have been through the college transition once with Gabrielle, the last one leaving home is so final. I often find myself wondering why did they have to grow up so fast. 

It’s natural as a parent to be dealing with a mixture of emotions when your child is headed off to college. You can’t be more proud of them, and ready for them to hit the road, but at the same time, can’t seem to stop crying on the inside.

Or maybe you’re a tough guy that thinks you’re not going to have a tear-jerking moment the minute your baby boy turns around and heads off for his dorm room. Oh, how little you know. The reason we as parents go through this, is that we’re worried if our son or daughter is going to be okay.

Let’s take a look at a few things that you can do that will put your mind at ease and prepare yourself when a child leaves for college.

Help Supply Their Needs

There’s nothing wrong with helping your son or daughter have the things that they need to survive their first year of college. Although, you don’t have to feel obligated to buy them everything.

They’ll need help on providing their dorm room with furniture, a microwave, and a mini-fridge and other essentials. You also don’t have to feel the need to leave them your credit card, which is flirting with fire.  

Give them Practical Advice

The words that you share with your son or daughter before they head off to start their lives will mean a lot to them. Your words don’t have to be anything special, just saying them at a significant time in their lives will be what they remember. Give them some practical advice and let them know that mom and dad believe that their child is going to be okay.

Teach them Skills

By teaching your son or daughter life skills that will prepare them for the real world, will provide you with less time for worrying after they’re gone. Teach them how to cook, do laundry, and how to keep up with their car. Plus that’s extra time you have to share with them.

Spend Quality time Now

High school is a busy time for everyone in your family’s lives, with their first jobs, sports, homework and boyfriend and girlfriends. Do your best now to make time with your children, because once it’s gone, you won’t ever get it back.

If you’re down to just a few months with them before college, plan a summer family vacation with them. Take them out to get ice cream or simply have some one-on-one meaningful conversations with them.  

Plan a Fun Activity After Drop-off

College drop-offs are never easy, especially your first child that may never live under your roof again. Choose to do a fun activity with your spouse or friends so that you don’t spend the entire day in shambles. This day calls for a celebration and you deserve to be happy.

After all, your college student probably won’t be crying, so why should you? Go on a mini-vacation to the beach if you need to or a night out on the town.

As a parent, time sure sneaks upon us in a hurry. Don’t wait until it’s too late to teach your children important life skills and miss the opportunity for one last family vacation with them before school starts in the fall. Make as many memories with them as you can. And whatever is going to prepare you for letting your son or daughter go, do it. Just remember that you did your best in preparing them for the real world and it’s a time for you to be proud. 

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