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How To Freeze Fresh Herbs

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How To Freeze Fresh Herbs from How Does Your Garden Grow? ~ www.thefarmgirlgabs.com

Cooking with fresh herbs add such a wonderful flavor to food. What happens though, in the dead of winter, when you can’t just walk outside and snip a few sprigs of basil or parsley from your herb garden? I have the perfect solution for you. Did you every try freezing your herbs? Yes, you can freeze them and enjoy their freshness all year – and it is so easy to do.

Basket of Herbs

I have an overabundance of herbs in my garden right now.  Too much to cook with actually, so freezing them is my best option. Oregano, rosemary, basil, parsley, sage and thyme are all easy to freeze. There are several methods you can try but I am partial to freezing my herbs in oil in ice-cube trays. I like this method because the color of the herbs seems to preserve better and the olive oil is perfect for cooking with too. Need some spices for a soup, stew or pasta sauce? Just pop some of these frozen herbs out of the freezer and add to whatever you are cooking. It is so much more flavorful than the dried herbs.

Here are two ways to freeze herbs:

Chopped Herbs

Method One:

Thoroughly wash and dry herbs. Finely chop the herbs and spoon into an ice-cube tray. Make sure they are packed tightly into each individual cell (about 2/3 full). Then, fill trays with water and freeze. Once frozen, pop out of the tray and store in individually marked freezer bags.

Freezing Herbs in Water

Method Two (My Favorite):

Thoroughly wash and dry herbs. Finely chop herbs and pack each ice-cube tray cell tightly with herbs (about 2/3 full). Pour extra virgin olive oil over top and freeze. Once frozen, pop out of the trays and store in individually marked freezer bags.

Freezing Herbs in EVOO

I just love the vibrant green colors.

Herb Trays

Here is another great idea to try! Make a bouquet garni. Fill tray cells with a mixture of sage, thyme, rosemary. It’s perfect for soups and stews. How about an Italian blend? Add basil, oregano and parsley to the ice-cube tray cell and freeze.

Freezing herbs from your garden is a perfect way to not only preserve the goodness growing in your garden, but also savor their fresh flavor all year in the foods you prepare. Freezing herbs is the perfect way to get the most out of your garden. It’s easy and economical. Did you ever try freezing herbs? I would love to hear about it.

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  1. Great news! I am featuring your herb post tomorrow on Made in a Day! I needed this tip for my Basil plant before it does off this summer! Thanks so much for pinning it to the P3 Board! Congrats! Look for it tomorrow on my social media feeds!

  2. What a great post full of really good tips for preserving herbs. Thanks so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday and have a great weekend!
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    Miz Helen

  3. Such a great idea! This would make for an easy dinner because you could just pop a couple into a pot of hot pasta and it would be flavored and have the olive oil. Thanks for sharing!

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