Hidden Mickeys in Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World

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Proportions are important!  Here are the best Hidden Mickeys in the Magic Kingdom, not counting the Mickeys naturally occurring in decorative patterns. Can you find them?

Proportions are important!  Here are the best Hidden Mickeys in the Magic Kingdom, not counting the Mickeys naturally occurring in decorative patterns. Can you find them? #hiddenmickeys #magickingdom #Disneytips #Disneypackingtips #Mickeymouse

The Magic Kingdom is not the easiest place to find hidden Mickey’s. Why? Well, the Imagineers didn’t really start creating Hidden Mickeys until they were building Epcot years after the Magic Kingdom opened.  Some people think three circles make a hidden mickey, but I disagree.  Proportions are important, and I’m afraid I’m a bit of a stickler.  Here are the best Hidden Mickeys in Magic Kingdom, not counting those naturally occurring in decorative patterns. Can you find them? I purposely didn’t share a picture of where each one exactly is because I want you to find. Think of it as a Magic Kingdom Hidden Mickey Scavenger Hunt. Happy Hidden Mickey hunting!

Haunted Mansion Spirit Hand

As Hidden Mickeys in Magic Kingdom go, Haunted Mansion may have some of the best.  There is a more obvious one in the plates on the ballroom table, and I really like that one.  But my favorite hidden Mickey in the Haunted Mansion is in the sleeve of a floating spirit within a script near the end of the ride.  It’s clever and yet, it is truly hidden.

Haunted Mansion Horseless Carriage

You can find a lot of hidden Mickeys in drains and manhole covers around Disney World.  My favorite is a clever one incorporating a water main access cover and two horseshoes.  You can find this outside the Haunted Mansion by the carriage.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

I really enjoy this one because it feels like authentic set pieces and not staging the Hidden Mickeys in Magic Kingdom to be so prominent.  Simply three wagon wheels in the right proportions, seemingly discarded in just the right way.  Effortless.

Mickey’s Philharmagic

I like this one because it is worked into the design but it is not the design.  You could go on not noticing it, but once you do, it’s all you see.  I’m referring to the French horn beside the proscenium in the theater.

Carousel of Progress

This hidden Mickey is of a rarer type.  Hidden Mickeys in Magic Kingdom are rarer to begin with, but Imagineers planted Mickey within a scene during a refurbishment.  In this case it’s a nutcracker on the fireplace mantle in the Christmas scene.  This isn’t the only hidden gag in the show.  In the same scene, there is a note to call Marty on the wall by the desk(a reference to the late imagineer Marty Sklar).  There is also an homage to the Sorcerer’s Apprentice in the Halloween scene where a blue sorcerer hat is visible in the background.

Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin

This fun nod toward the big cheese is out of this world.  An earth like planet as seen from space has a continent that looks just like the profile of Mickey Mouse.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Just outside Pirates of the Caribbean in Adventureland is a nice bundle of props that comprise a perfect Hidden Mickey.  The wheel of a wheelbarrow makes the head and the ears are created with perfectly positioned (and proportioned) barrels.

The Jungle Cruise

This one is almost not fair, inside the temple there is a large spider in a giant web with unmistakable markings on its abdomen.

Splash Mountain

In the finale with the river boar chorus, you can spot a large Mickey profile in the clouds among the sunset.  Another interesting fact is that the music in this version of the scene was arranged differently than in Disneyland.  Imagineering did this to fit a western theme rather than New Orleans theme.


Imagineers literally hid this exceptionally hard to spot Hidden Mickey. Mickey hides on a costume obscured by a mannequin’s arms in a Tomorrowland diorama depicting a futuristic hair salon,  Try to get a good look at the woman’s belt.

So the next time you are at the Magic Kingdom, go on a Hidden Mickey Hunt and see if you can spot these Hidden Mickeys. Let me know how you make out.

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