Fun Summer Activities For Teens

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Keep your teenagers busy this summer with some creative activities. The Fun Summer Activities For Teens are great ways to keep them entertained all summer long.

Keep your teenagers busy this summer with some creative activities. The Fun Summer Activities For Teens are great ways to keep them entertained all summer long. #teenagers #summeractivites #parentingteenagers #teenagersSchool is out and you’re searching for ideas to keep your teens entertained, productive, and away from the screens all summer long. Once they’re bored of poolside afternoons and trips to the local mall, you might try getting creative with these ideas to do alone or with friends. You can use many of the ideas below to keep your teens busy and productive during the summer. Just make sure to allow some downtime for relaxation and creativity. They should be able to help plan what they want to do this summer.
Add these summer ideas to your teens’ bucket list, and you might even want to join in the fun!

Fun Summer Activities For Teens

Get Into Media

And we don’t mean social media! Teens can write, direct, act, film, produce and promote a play, music video, comedy, news or commentary show, or other forms of production media. Nowadays they have access to smartphones and all sorts of online tools.

Create And Bury A Time Capsule

This is a fun summer activity to commemorate time with friends and make new memories. Have your teen or tween collect mementos of current trends, news items, special artifacts, or important pop culture moments. The things in the time capsule might include small objects, news clippings, pictures, and a letter to their future self.

Build An Obstacle Course

Building an obstacle course for summer fun doesn’t have to be expensive. They can use objects found around the yard or house, cardboard boxes, tarps, sports equipment, and more! Have them challenge their siblings, friends, and neighbors for a fun afternoon. Finish it off with homemade trophies and ice cream sandwiches.

Have A Campout

Even if you live far from nature, your teens can create a campout complete with pup tents, scary stories, and of course s’mores. Teens might even want to make a themed campout with friends, with costumes, games, and a playlist.

Redecorate Their Room

This can be a fun summer project for teens closer to the end of summer when they are getting organized for back to school.

Plan A Picnic

Put your teen’s organization and budgeting skills to the test and have them plan a picnic meal for the whole family. Having your teen involved in summer plans encourages bonding and bolsters their independence.

Explore The Local Farmers Market

10 Farmers' Market Tips For A Fresh Shopping Experience.If your teen is into cooking or natural products, the local farmers market is a good place to shop during the summer. They have the opportunity to meet new people, try something new, and support local businesses and artisans.

Act Like A Tourist

This is a fun activity for teens and their friends during the summer to explore their town and learn something new. Have them explore local history and visit recommended tourist spots with fresh eyes.

Create Fancy Popsicle Flavors

Keep cool this summer with these healthy Strawberries and Cream Popsicles.  Kids young and old will love this healthy summer snack recipe. These strawberry frozen treats won't last long. #popsicles #healthypopsicles #strawberrypopsicles #popsiclerecipeTeens love to get creative in the kitchen. Making up popsicle flavors or other cool treats is a perfect summer activity. They could try fun fruity popsicle flavors like kiwi lime, or go daring with chili mango.

Organize Park/Beach/Community Clean Up Project

A cleanup project during the summer is great for teens looking for community service projects, extra-curricular involvement, building relationship skills, and more. It can be as big or small as they want. Help your teen research any permits or notices they might need with local governing bodies. It builds organization, planning, public relations, project management, and advertising skills. It also creates something to reference for essays, letters of recommendation, or job interviews.

Thrift Or Upcycle Something For Their Wardrobe Or Room

Going thrifting might not be the first thing on a teens summer bucket list, but you could encourage them to get started by setting a challenge. They could find something cute for their room or a statement outfit piece within a budget. Teens might even want to challenge their friends to come up with items for a theme or fashion show, like most original, most unusual, most trendy, etc.

Care For Animals

Keep your teenagers busy this summer with some creative activities. The Fun Summer Activities For Teens are great ways to keep them entertained all summer long.If your teen is good with animals, they might consider volunteering at a shelter or dog walking for neighbors.

Run A Summer-Centric Business

The possibilities for summer businesses are endless! House-sitting, kids camps, yard care, running errands, house cleaning, lifeguarding at a local pool, or even selling sundaes.

Take Up A Hobby

Keep their brains active with an interest they may not have time for during the regular school year. Learning a language, musical instrument, or computer skill is an extra-curricular addition that is both fun and educational.

Help Plan A Road Trip Or Vacation

Fun Summer Activities For TeensValue your teens input in the family vacation planning by having them suggest stops, pack snacks, or keep their siblings entertained in the car with fun games. If they’re old enough, you might consider doing a trip with them and a few of their friends.

Whatever you and your teens decide to plan for this summer, use these summer activities for teens to prompt some new ideas and add to that bucket list. The long sunny days will be over before you know it, and you’ll have some new fun memories.

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