50+ Ideas for Non-Candy Halloween Treats

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Skip the candy this Halloween! Here are some Non-Candy Halloween Treats you can hand out to trick or treaters instead. 

Skip the candy this Halloween! Here are some Non-Candy Halloween Treats you can hand out to trick or treaters instead.  #Halloweentreats #noncandytreats #tealpumpkinproject
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The Halloween season is finally here. Little ghouls and goblins will be walking the streets saying those magical words, “trick or treat”. These three little words are just what kids are expected to say when they go out trick or treating on Halloween night.

Kids everywhere will be walking around the community streets asking for a little sweet treat. The thing about Halloween and trick or treating is that many families are opting out of the sweet, sugary treats and seeking alternative options for Halloween treats.

There are many fun and creative non-candy Halloween treats that you can offer kids on Halloween night that will satisfy their little trick or treating hearts just the same as a big piece of sweet, sugary candy.

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Also, with the number of food allergies today, candy is just not an option for some children. The Teal Pumpkin Project is a great way to let trick or treaters know that your house is allergy-friendly.

Putting a teal pumpkin on your doorstep means you have non-food treats available, such as glow sticks or small toys. This simple act promotes inclusion for trick-or-treaters with food allergies or other conditions.

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Ideas for Non-Candy Halloween Treats


Bubble Wands 

Glow Sticks 

Halloween Pencils 

Scented Pencils 

Pencil Toppers 

Spider Rings

Halloween Stamps

Halloween Game Books

Slap Bracelets

Halloween Coloring Books


Halloween Wind-Up Toys


Small Bouncing Balls

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Baseball or Trading Cards

Nail Polish

Lip Gloss

Small Notepads

Gel Pens


Glow In The Dark Bracelets

Halloween Stickers


Paddle Ball


Rubber Ducks

Halloween Slime

Pumpkin Decorating Stickers


Vampire Fangs

Cool Sunglasses

Small Spinning Tops


Wax Lips

Friendship Bracelets

Stackable Crayons

Superhero Masks

Doodle Boards

Wooden Gliders

Sticky Stretch Fingers

Puzzle Balls

Ice Cream Shooters

Porcupine Balls

Finger Puppets

Finger Gyro


Light Up Rings

non candy halloween treats featureIdeas for Non-Candy Halloween Snacks


Microwave Popcorn

Goldfish Snacks


Fresh Fruit


When it comes to picking out the right ideas for non-candy Halloween treats you have to take into consideration the age of the kids that usually venture to your door on Halloween night.

From crackers to pencils and bubbles or glow sticks, this extensive list of ideas for non-candy Halloween treats will surely inspire you to find some fabulous ideas that go beyond candy to hand out on Halloween night.

Store your treats in this EASY DIY Teal Pumpkin Treat HolderThis DIY Teal Pumpkin Treat Holder is all treats and no tricks. Trick or Treaters will love this teal pumpkin filled with non-candy treats. This Halloween craft project is made using a craft pumpkin, styrofoam balls and crinkle paper. It's a perfect way to provide allergy-friendly treats to your little ghouls and goblins. #tealpumpkin #halloweencraft #pumpkincarving

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Save these ideas for Non-Candy Halloween Treats for later. Pin the image below to your favorite Pinterest Board.

Skip the candy this Halloween! Here are some Non-Candy Halloween Treats you can hand out to trick or treaters instead. These Halloween treat ideas are great non-candy alternatives to hand out to trick-or-treaters this Halloween night. Great teal pumpkin ideas for kids with allergies.  #Halloweentreats #noncandytreats #tealpumpkinproject

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing these ideas! I get so worried about all the candy that gets passed around this month haha! I will for sure be using some of these this Halloween. I just know there are going to be lots of visits to the pediatric dentist in my future haha!

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