The Ultimate Graduation Party Checklist

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Ready to celebrate your graduate? The Ultimate Graduation Party Checklist will help you plan a successful graduation party for your son or daughter. Download the free printable graduation party checklist below.

Planning a graduation party? Follow these tips and tricks for How To Throw A Graduation Party At Home without breaking the budget.
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Graduation is fast approaching, and you are starting to wonder if you have everything ready. If this is your first time throwing a graduation party, you may be feeling a bit underprepared. To make sure you have everything you need and you get everything done in time, I’ve put together the ultimate graduation party checklist!

I am a party planning queen and I have a lot of easy tips and party ideas to share with you. The key to planning is to take a deep breath and remain calm. You got this. Parties do take a little planning but no need to stress. It’s the little things that matter the most….like the fact that you will be celebrating your son or daughter’s big day with family and friends.

Graduation Party planning tips feature

So here are my best tips for how to plan a graduation party.

How Do I Plan A Graduation Party? Here is The Ultimate Graduation Party Checklist

3+ Months Before

The main goals of this month are to lock down your party specifics such as the location, guest list, and budget!

  • Choose a date and time for your party.
  • Choose a location (and book if necessary).
  • Create a guest list for your party.
  • Determine the budget for your party.
  • Pick a theme or start thinking about decor for your party.
  • Start collecting any photos or memorabilia you may need for your party.
  • Decide on a menu for your party, and hire a caterer or custom cake decorator if needed.
  • Prepare your invitations.

1-2 Months Before

This time period is when you want to start getting ready for your party. This is also the time to take care of nonperishable party supplies.

  • Begin purchasing and party supplies, including decorations.
  • Send out your invitations to your guests.
  • Order thank you cards to send to your guests.
  • Decide on the music for your party.
  • Order any signs or banners.
  • Start buying food supplies for your party (if making them yourself).
Graduation Party planning tips feature

1-3 Weeks Before

Everything has been ordered, but now you have to start doing something about it!

  • Get your guest book and party favors.
  • Make final purchases for party supplies and decorations.
  • Start delegating tasks to people who will be helping with your party, such as friends or family.
  • Start keeping an eye on the weather.
  • Prepare your home for hosting guests.
  • Purchase your party attire.

Week of Party

We’re getting into the final days just before your party! Here are the last minute things you want to make sure to do.

  • Order any flowers or final decor pieces for your party.
  • Do any final home cleaning house tasks.
  • Finish any last-minute DIYs you needed to make for the party.
  • Begin setting up decorations if you can.
  • Prepare your outdoor space or lawn for your party.
  • Finalize your party plans and weather conditions.

Day of Party

It’s finally here, the day of your party! Here are the last things you need to do for your party the day of.

  • Pick up any party supplies that you have ordered, such as food, cake, balloons, etc.
  • Fill your coolers with ice and have ice on hand.
  • Put up your decorations and hang any banners or signs that you ordered.
  • Do any last-minute cleaning tasks.
  • Cook or finish any food prep.
  • Set up your party space for guests.
  • Put out guest party favors.
  • Set up any party games or activities.
  • Enjoy and celebrate your grad’s special day (make sure to take lots of photos).

You don’t need to stress about planning your graduation party! If you keep this list handy, you’ll have everything you need to plan your perfect graduation party.

Click here to download a free Graduation Party Checklist Printable!

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Ready to celebrate your graduate? Graduation season is here and that calls for a party. The Ultimate Graduation Party Checklist will help you plan a successful graduation party for your son or daughter. Download the free printable graduation party checklist. Follow these party planning tips for a fun and organized graduation party. Don't forget to download the free printable party checklist to help you stay organized and on task.

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  1. Your party checklist is very helpful. I am planning to host my child’s graduation party and was very much tensed about how I will organize everyone. But your checklist really reduced my stress.

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